What is the Shield of Salvation?

Jose RosarioI maintain this blog to remind us that we are unique and irreplaceable human beings designed in God’s image and likeness, and I hope to achieve this through scientific discovery, mathematical proofs, and by thorough investigation.  

Human life is fragile and does not promise us even our next minute of breath.  Yet when we set out to explore our spiritual, mental, and physical makeup, we gain a greater appreciation for our identity and an increased awareness of our individual purposes on Earth.  The Bible reveals and confirms all these things for us.  I like how the King James Bible Trust puts it on its website: “[the Bible] transformed how . . . people spoke to each other, how we wrote our books and how we see our God.”

We can look at the world around us, and look at the Universe, and marvel.  But isn’t it much more marvelous to ponder on who and what we are?  And for that matter–as we look at the Universe–isn’t it worth asking why, where, and how we arrived?

There is something awe-inspiring about the human experience which causes us to look past our fragile state and see something in us that is larger than life itself–and this mystery lays up an insurmountable pile of evidence hinting at not just the intelligent design of our Universe, but also at the arresting benevolence of its Creator who–just as a poet brings out his personality through his prose–has expressed His own fascination with us throughout our mortal history…dashing and dabbing it with supernatural displays of His unfathomable disposition toward us, shielding our fragile minds and bodies with promises of a secure future, and ultimately providing even the palpable redemption of our fragile, skeptical hearts. That palpable redemption is Jesus Christ.  He is the Shield of our salvation.

As you read my posts, I hope they will spark an interest in God and lead you to improve your relationship with Him.  He has created us in His image and likeness.  If you’ve been living in denial or you’ve just been confused, you’ve got to leave this site telling yourself, “there’s more to life than this!”

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